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Togo UNDP Solar Street Light

Project overview: The project is reflecting the three pillars of sustainability economic, environmental, and social. It is technically designed to bring great convenience for the inhabitants by mounting the solar poles with LED streetlights, industrial level 3G/4G WIFI router, and the socket with 6 USB charger port.

Project Specification:

  • Luminaire: 50W.
  • Solar Panel: 250W.
  • Battery: 150Ah/12v.
  • Mounting Height: 8m.
  • Operation profile: Dusk to dawn.

Technical Consultancy

Project Details

Location: Togo.

End-User: Inhabitants.

Project Quantity: 10,000 units.

Project Scope: Outdoor solar lighting of remote village’s streets.

Products Used: Sunmaster STL08.

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