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About Us

  • Sustainergy was founded by a team of senior engineers to operate in the solar PV market through setting up a responsible management system to reach the triple bottom line of sustainable economic, environmental, and social performances being a role model of change.
  • Sustainergy introduces cost-efficient solar power systems to many sectors such as industrial, commercial, and residential to achieve sustainable economic growth.
  • Sustainergy upgrades sustainable business model by getting the advantage from the global transition in the energy sector from using fossil fuel-based to renewable-based technologies that allow the company adding value to the shareholders and stakeholders by contributing in the global challenge to reach zero carbon emissions.
About us


Scaling up our divisions using sustainable development that positively impacts the economy and the environmental systems further adding value to all the stakeholders who involves the value chain activities of Sustainergy in the renewable and the hydrocarbon sectors.

Reaching the maximum utilisation of Sustainergy’s resources in the organizational and operational units to make the company vision applicable in the energy market and satisfy the customer needs.

  • Align the internal capabilities with the energy market demand.

  • Understanding the customers’ needs.

  • Provide solar products at competitive price thanks to a collaboration with vertically integrated manufacturers.

  • Introduce high quality, cost-effective and best technical energy solutions to the customers.

  • Integrating most of 17 sustainable development goals in our missions.

  • Maximize the PV systems’ installation capacity.

  • Boost economic growth.

  • Reduction of Greenhouse gases emissions..

  • Sustainery strategic plan states the integration, eco-efficiency and solar technology are the key factors to make the company vision clear and effectively accomplish our missions to reach the settled targets and generate business model growth.

  • Catalysters are effective change agents to catalyze the energy transition.
  • Catalysters can potentially change most of the industries’ environmental and ethical footprints thereby help to accelerate the transition equitable, sustainable, livable, Post-Fossil Carbon societies.
  • Optimisation of the processes efficiency and effectivity ensuring workers and customers health and safety in the context of climate changes and future environmental & societal challenges.
  • Foster the internal capabilities to follow up the energy market change and satisfy the stakeholders’ needs
  • Modify the energy concept of the SME from a traditional consumption thinking to sustainable production and consumption
Get to know us

Catalyst-ers of Sustainability

Sustainergy founded by a cluster of expert senior engineers to operate in the solar and oil & gas sectors adopting the responsible management style to reach the triple bottom line of sustainability economic, ecologic, and social performances.

Innovation management style having the capability of business diversification, risk management, multicultural, entrepreneurship mindset, and marketer expert.
Prof. Marco Gatti
Business Director
Senior Development Engineer with 25 years’ experience in the oil & gas sector and highly skilled in designing, troubleshooting, plants revamping and static equipment design reviews.
Eng. Ahmed Adel
Engineering & Development Head
20 years in the solar industrial management including budgeting, risk management, financing and international business operations.
Mr. Steven Zang
Operations Manager
Expert sales engineer in the solar industry, oil and gas sectors, high negotiation skills, and sustainable technical and commercial learning.
Eng. Ahmed Saif
Sales Engineer
Ambitious entrepreneur admiring the sustainable processes in the energy sector, an expert in the SMEs business modeling, engines of growth, and strategic management.
Ibrahim El-Desouky
Business Developer
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