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Nigeria School Building (Off-Grid System)

Project overview: Sizing and supply full Off-Grid system set and train the local technician on the installation activities besides how to manage the O&M activities. The aim of the project is powering the electrical loads in the school building such as the DC lights and all the other DC electrical appliances. Moreover, achieving the three main sustainable goals:

  1. Economic: meet the school energy needs using a cost-efficient system.
  2. Social: enhance the education system.
  3. Environment: supply green energy with zero carbon emissions.

Project Specification:

  • Solar Panels: 300W *80 Pcs.
  • Battery: 200Ah/12V *30pcs.
  • Inverter: 60Kw.
  • Controller: 70A MPPT Controller*3pcs.
  • Mounting: Ground.

Technical Consultancy

Project Details

Location: Nigeria.

End user: Government.

Project Quantity: 60Kw Off-Grid System.

Project Scope: EPC of standalone solar power system.

Products Type: Sunmater’s full solar power system.

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