Solar Power Systems projects and Solar Streetlights in Africa


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Cameron Yaounde (Off-Grid System)

Project overview: Design, supply, installation guidance of a 10Kw Off-Grid solar system installed as a ground mounting in 4m*25m area to generate 56.35Kwh/day. The project is a cost sufficient for covering the power shortage in the remote area location.

Project Specification:

  • Solar Panels: 245W *46 Pcs.
  • Battery: 306Ah/12V *40pcs.
  • Inverter: 20Kw.
  • Controller: 70A MPPT Controller*3pcs.
  • Mounting: Ground.

Technical Consultancy

Project Details

Location: Cameroon

End User: SARL

Project Quantity: One kit of 10 Kw Off-Grid system.

Project Scope: EPC of standalone solar power system.

Project Type: Sunmater’s full solar power system.

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