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Saudi Arabia Al-Haradh Highway

Project overview: Design, supply and instruct the installation of the standalone powered solar power system. All the lighting sets are eco-efficient because of using solar panels, no trenching/cabling is required that casing saving money on materials, installation costs and O&Mcosts.

Project Specification:

  • Luminaire: 95W.
  • Solar Panel: 240W.
  • Battery: 150Ah * 2 pcs (Gel type).
  • Mounting Height: 9m.
  • Operation profile: Dusk to dawn 100% brightness.

Technical Consultancy

Project Details

Project Name: Haradh Highway

Location: Saudi Arabia.

End-user: Government.

Project Quantity: 718 Units

Project Scope: Illumination of the Highway.

Products Used: Sunmaster STL08 SSL.

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