Solar Power Systems

Solar System

At Sustainergy we offer engineering, procurement, and construction services of multiple diverse solar systems applications. Credits go to the company's internal experiences and capabilities, in addition to our partnerships with foreign consultant companies in Italy, and manufacturers in China.

SSL Products:

  • Split Systems
  • All in one
  • Hybrid Solar Wind Systems
  • Lighting-Video surveillance
  • Management Control Systems

Solar Street Lighting (SSL)

Why solar street lighting?

The lighting solar system is one of the cross-cutting assets with high consumption of electricity around the world. LED solar street lighting is much more economical and ecological efficient than conventional light.

SSL as a sustainable technology:

  • Saving cost: SSL will cut the costs of electricity infrastructure for end-users in the short-run and the long-run.
  • Eco-efficiency: With green power production, carbon emissions will be greatly reduced.
  • Easy Installation: Most of the electrical devices in the system are plug and play spending 30 minutes installing one solar street lighting set.

Solar power systems (SPS)

Why the solar power system?

SPS is one of the most growing and sustainable technologies in the Renewable Energy market. The designed SPS has the flexibility to fit in different applications within difficult circumstances giving high performance and meeting the electricity demand.

SPS Applications

  • Industrial zones
  • Residential compounds
  • Commercial areas
  • Utilities scale

SPS Products

  • Off-Grid
  • On-Grid
  • Hybrid
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